I was just eating a handful of cashews walking around the kitchen and I dropped one only to pick it up (3 seconds rule) and pop it in my mouth. Yeah...that wasn't the cashew. I need a maid. Or perhaps a fire. Either would be an improvement.

"Reality" TV

I'm watching Dancing With the Stars. What is it about this show that makes it so amazing?
Recently I saw an ad for Celebrities on Ice. Something tells me it won't be comparable.
How can they beat Master P doing the Cha-Cha?

Journals expected my cyber-journalling didn't last very long. The good news is my written journal has been updated almost regularly weekly. I have a great little routine on Sunday mornings where I go to 830am mass and then walk over to the downtown mall and sit at one of the coffee shops. For a mere $1.25 (a cup of coffee and refill) I can sit there all day (as I have done on a couple of occasions.) Very rarely, but sometimes, I'll splurge and pay the $0.50 for a second refill, but then usually I get the shakes. (Why is it we treat ourselves with things we know aren't good in the long run?) Anyhow, the point I was getting to is that I spend at least a portion of that time updating my journal. It has become such a part of my life I am genuinely sad when I know I'm going to be out of town for the weekend and won't get my "me" time. It wasn't that long ago that there was nary a weekend I was in town. Aside from the shakes a second bonus of the Sunday morning time is usually a free Washington Post from someone who's left it behind. This isn't the daily quarter-center, but the fattie $1.50 Sunday edition. Seriously, when I'm so lucky, I'm in heaven all morning.

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The other day I had something very important to say and I remember thinking I should blog that. (I assume "blog" is now a verb.) Of course, I have no idea what it is I wanted to write down.

More w/blogging

The more "it stuck in my craw" I wanted to know exactly what I had heard. You can find the discussion at under Odyssey—June 9, 2005 - The Blogosphere.

I really started paying attention after the following comment around the 31 minute mark: "it is generally the well educated people that both have more things that are really credible to say and also are articulate enough to be able to say it".

Just before that he mentioned how white male diversity was actually wider than that between the average male and woman. Yeah - okay. I hope I misunderstood what he meant, but somehow I don't think so.

Thank goodness for the Henry Farrell who balanced out the discussion.

Henry spoke about how there does seem to be a wider array of opinions available in the blogosphere, though it is still a bit narrow. "If you compare prominent political bloggers to say the Op-Ed page of the Washington Post or the New York Times by and large I think you get a much more combinative points of view and also a variety of points of view on the left and the right that you don't get in mainstream media. But, that said, there are a lot of different view points out there which I think are which unrepresented. You see a lot of complaint in particular from woman bloggers that in certain circumstance the political blogosphere tends to be a bit of an old boys' club in which a bunch of primarily guys have won prominence and that they tend to link directly to male bloggers to some extent in preference to female bloggers."

White males rule!


Before I forget: I was just listening (still listening in fact) to an NPR discussion about blogging and right after they suggested blogging seems to affect what is seen/heard in the media and mentioning that the majority of bloggers are educated white males some guy named Eugene dismissed this importance indicating that really there is a wide variety between educated white males. Now really - let me guess - Eugene is a white male. I've always considered myself pretty mainstream, more conservative perhaps than liberal, more of an independent - my opinions affected not by any one political affiliation. Anyhow, I found myself disgusted by his attitude/comments. As I was beginning to be offended, he made some comment about the educated being more articulate and better prepared to discuss issues. (So obviously these are the only opinions we should hear.) All I could think of is - what a jackass.

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It started with one bump and what looked like a scratch. I blamed Azur for the scratch. Now my body has been ravaged by it. No telling exactly what got me - poison oak - sumac - who knows - what I do know is it itches like all get out. I once again made it to the doctor on a Friday - fearful of going through the weekend not knowing what this thing is that keeps showing up on different parts of my body. Now I have pills to take - again. Luckily Azur reminds me to do so. Also he keeps me from scratching which apparently will increase the chance of scarring. He's threatened to tie me up if I don't stop, but I think he'd just enjoy that. Anyhow, what is it about sickness that makes me update this? I guess then I'm at home. Otherwise I'm out at the coffee shop or elsewhere updating my paper journal. Old school.


I have been sick now since, oh, I guess Monday morning when I woke up with a slightly sore throat. It only got worse as the week progressed and by Friday was hacking up stuff that was of a greyish/green color. I gave up and headed to the doctor. Ick. Bronchitis. She gave me a prescription with the note that it is only going to get worse and that I must wait seven more days and then if it isn't better I should start taking the antibiotics. Oh great. Another week of feeling like this, but no, actually worse than this. Azur has been pampering me like I don't deserve and all I do is whine. I haven't had the heart to tell him it could be another week. Oh to be young and in good health again. I forget what that feels like. The things we take for granted as life is coasting along without any bumps in the road.
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